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    "I surprised both my audience and myself with the radical boost in sound and performance quality I gained thanks to the techniques and the little secrets I learnt in just a couple of months."

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    "Great, easy and right techniques that lead you straight to the point!"

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    "I'm so happy I found his site and contacted. So don't wait another day and book your lesson!"

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    "Thomas is not only experienced in traditional vocal technique, but he is also vastly experienced in the new age of musical techniques that most vocal instructors are clueless at."

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    "A teacher who understands , explains , have answers , have knowledge , CAN demonstrate EVERYTHING."

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You really want to learn how to sing? Welcome to the right place and to the vocal method that sees no limits

Some common questions for countless singers around the world are: "How to sing in a perfect and smooth way? How to sing high notes? How can I bring stability to my voice? What is the correct breathing when singing? How can I sing with distortion, vibrato and other vocal effects?"

Ultimate Vocalist is the homebase of a supreme vocal method for the singers and the performers of the modern era and it's here to give all the proper answers to the above questions.

Extremely successful and proven techniques will unlock your vocal potential and reveal the singing secrets that will help you learn how to sing accurately in all the major contemporary genres including Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Pop, Alternative, Grunge, Hardcore, Metal, Screamo.

Book your face-to face or online lesson and we guarantee that you'll experience the outstanding results of the UV method on your overall singing performance and technical agility.

“The approach has been sincere and enthusiastic. The lessons have been unexpected! I have changed all my ideas about singing because of that. What seemed to be impossible started to feel possible!”
- Miguel Álvarez Valdebenito

Why choose the UV vocal training?

  • Take advantage of our personalized and customized vocal coaching
  • Unlock exclusive vocal exercises, drills and secrets you'll find nowhere else
  • Learn the most sought-after modern singing techniques
  • Take advantage of either face-to face or online singing lessons
  • Full 24/7 vocal support
  • Discover hidden singing tips for ultimate performance
  • Unique value-for-money

Explore the endless possibilities of your voice

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    3 core elements for every singer, part 3
    In the previous months we wrote about the first two of 3 core elements for every singer and performer, which are a) Character-Personality and b) Active Mindset – Awareness. Suprisingly the element...
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    Hailing from New Orleans, LA, The Scorseses is a high-energy, horn driven progressive rock band with a subtle punk and New Orleans funk undertone. After releasing their first full-length album “Magnumopus” in...
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All the content displayed and posted on site aims to help singers become ultimate vocalists indeed. However, since most of the techniques demonstrated are advanced and beyond advanced level, acknowledge the level of your current ability when trying each of these on your own voice. All content and images are copyrighted to their respective owners.