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Hello singers and performers! I am Thomas and I welcome you to the homebase of Ultimate Vocalist.

I have been teaching contemporary singing techniques in both private and group tuition, as well as a vocal coach in music schools since I was 21. I have guided dozens of students to learn how to sing properly, many of whom currently pursue successful careers as signed solo artists and lead vocalists for renowned professional bands.

My vocal method is oriented to aspiring singers of every contemporary music genre, like pop, blues, musical theatre, jazz, alternative, rock, hard rock, metal, hardcore, whether amateur or professional. The testimonials and continuous success of the singers that utilised the UV method is the best proof, and I can promise you will experience vast improvements in your voice as well as in your overall performance.

The UV face-to-face or Skype singing lessons are guaranteed to convince you of the awesome possibilities your voice can reach..

Sincerely and vocally yours!

Thomas Koutroukis

Thomas Koutroukis UV Lead Vocal Coach

Thomas Koutroukis is a professional singer, songwriter, vocal coach with an extreme vocal range of over 5 octaves. He holds specialist and professional certificates with dinstiction in Vocal Styles, Singing and Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. He is recipient of a Berkleemusic scholarship in the name of Steve Vai.






George Margaritopoulos UV Vocal-Coach

George Margaritopoulos is an accomplished singer, performer and a modern vocal instructor. Having worked aside lots of award-winning professionals and industry-accomplished artists, he has a sheer understanding of the ways technique should be applied to singing. Since then, he’s been training singers to help them attain the same vocal skills and mentality that build successful careers.

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All the content displayed and posted on site aims to help singers become ultimate vocalists indeed. However, since most of the techniques demonstrated are advanced and beyond advanced level, acknowledge the level of your current ability when trying each of these on your own voice. All content and images are copyrighted to their respective owners.