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3 core elements for every singer, part 3

3 core elements for every singer, part 3

In the previous months we wrote about the first two of 3 core elements for every singer and performer, which are a) Character-Personality and b) Active Mindset – Awareness. Suprisingly the element which is so many times overvalued nowadays comes third in our analysis, but there is particular reasoning for this.

3) Vocal Technique & Technical Agility
There is no doubt that it takes time for every singer to discover how to amplify her/his unique, personal vocal character and how to acquire an active perception in order to unleash this vocal ability as we discussed previously.

However, a singer who sculpts these first two elements (character and right mindset) and works in parallel with a solid vocal method which incorporates the right singing techniques, drills and triggers will reap the best rewards. Combining all above elements along with the invaluable benefits of the real-life vocal experience that spans across rehearshals, recordings, live gigs, shows etc, will help you shape yourself into an accomplished artist, musician and performer. And be sure that you can reach such target no matter your current level!

So, this is the philosophy and the ideas we want to promote through the Ultimate Vocalist vocal system. What do I mean? Well, we want to arm you with the best vocal techniques, not because these alone will make you a fabulous singer, but in order for you to have the best tools that will help you achieve your vocal freedom and maintain the right mentality at the right moment; when you’re on stage. In this way you’ll discover your uniqueness as a singer and as a musician, you’ll give your audience the sense of your true values and of course you’ll share unforgettable performance moments.

So what do you think, do you agree with our 3 core singing elements classification or you have another priority? Feel free to share your thoughts and leave your comments on the area below.


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