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Artist ID: Sophia Sama, Season of Ghosts

Artist ID: Sophia Sama, Season of Ghosts

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Sophia emerged into the spotlight, after she joined BLOOD STAIN CHILD (JP) in 2010. In just a short time, Sophia managed to become one of the most recognised female vocalists within the industry, known not only for her work with BLOOD STAIN CHILD, but also for a number of prestigious collaborations with Studio Ghibli, MEJIBRAY, AYABIE, as well as musicians from the western scene.

Sophia started playing the piano around the age of four. Growing up, she became a pioneer event organiser in Greece, promoting the contemporary Japanese rock music, namely Visual Kei, as well as the Japanese pop culture. At the same time, she started working with several Japanese artists and record labels as Agent and Promoter.

Sophia has a degree in Law and also a degree in Translation. She is completely fluent in Greek, Japanese, English, can speak German and French, and is studying new languages on the side.

In 2010, Sophia was approached by a long running Japanese trance metal band BLOOD STAIN CHILD.

In addition, her artist persona attracted  popular Japanese Lolita Fashion brands, such as “BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT” and “Chantilly/ATELIER PIERROT”, who offered to sponsor her stage costumes. Sophia recorded BLOOD STAIN CHILD’s fifth studio album, Epsilon, released on June 15th, 2011, which is the biggest selling album for the band to date. It opened doors internationally, giving BLOOD STAIN CHILD the opportunity to perform in the United States and Europe for the first time.

Sophia was hand-picked by Academy Award Winning animation company, Studio Ghibli, to sing on the wildly popular, chart-topping Princess Ghibli metal cover albums, with Princess Ghibli I selling out before the release date through pre-orders.

Sophia left BLOOD STAIN CHILD in 2012 and in October 2013, her solo project, “Season of Ghosts”, came to life. Her debut album, “The Human Paradox”, is set to be released in 2014.

“As a newcomer in the music scene, I was full of uncertainty and questions and although I had studied with other good teachers before, Thomas’ input made all the difference. I saw my performance skyrocket and everything I’d been studying all along finally made sense. He has a detailed answer and a solution for everything, he offers a spherical, deep insight in every possible aspect, from the most practical to the most theoretical, anything that might concern an artist. It’s no exaggeration to say that Thomas and the Ultimate Vocalist method are my ultimate essentials!”


✦ HP: seasonofghosts.com/

✦ FB: www.facebook.com/SophiaSamaOfficial

✦ Twitter: twitter.com/Sophia_Sama

✦ Tumblr: sophia-sama.tumblr.com/

✦ Instagram: instagram.com/sophia_somnium/

✦ Blog (EN/JP): ameblo.jp/sakurasomnium/

✦ Sophia’ s personal HP: www.somniumintenebris.com/

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