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Artist ID: The Scorseses

Artist ID: The Scorseses

Hailing from New Orleans, LA, The Scorseses is a high-energy, horn driven progressive rock band with a subtle punk and New Orleans funk undertone. After releasing their first full-length album “Magnumopus” in September 2013 on the main stage at House of Blues New Orleans to 550 people, they also performed at Voodoo Experience for the first time in November 2013.

In 2011, The Scorseses were recognized as the “Best Band Reinventing Their Game” by the Best of the Big Easy Awards for Where Y’at Magazine. Over the past four years, The Scorseses have toured the Southeast United States extensively performing festivals both large and small, along with a wide variety of venues from Florida to Texas and have performed with many great local and touring bands including Fishbone, The Expendables, Brownout, Rebirth Brass Band, Fortunate Youth, RX Bandits and The Revivalists.

In 2014, The Scorseses are currently planning tour dates with The Expendables, The Bastard Suns and with H.R. (Bad Brains) on the DIA Global Rock Showcase Tour. They were also selected to perform at the French Quarter Festival and the Houston Beer Festival this year, and will be part of the HumidCity Artist’s POV Series in conjunction with Google Glass. 

Vince and Sam, two lead members of the band, have been training with Ultimate Vocalist to enhance their singing technique and agility. Here is what they have to say for the UV vocal training system:

“When I first started with Thomas I had a vague idea about how and why the techniques I was using worked. I now have a depth of vocal knowledge and application that I couldn’t have dreamed of. My knowledge grows with every lesson I take with Thomas and now with George. I look forward to future lessons with these two. I would highly recommend the Ultimate Vocalist Method.” – Sam Bortugno, Back-up Vocals

“Thomas is the most knowledgeable vocal instructor that I have ever worked with! He is not only experienced in traditional vocal technique, but he is also vastly experienced in the new age of musical techniques that most vocal instructors are clueless about. Taking vocal lessons with the Ultimate Vocalist will increase your range and teach you the proper technique required for professional singing.” – Vincent Ebeier, Lead Vocals

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