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The brand new Ultimate Vocalist website

The brand new Ultimate Vocalist website

The Ultimate Vocalist team proudly welcomes you to the new official website of one of the best contemporary singing methods available.

These are surely exciting times for Ultimate Vocalist. After constant growth during the last years, this is the next step to our goal to become one of the most valuable and respected sources of modern singing techniques and vocal training on the entire web.

We feel truly happy that so many singers and performers all over the world have experienced the unique benefits of our techniques and added great skill and value to their total performance.

From now on, the UV blog will be the official, regular voice of Ultimate Vocalist. Thomas Koutroukis, founder of the method and the lead coach, will post frequently all the UV updates and news; vocal drills, tips and tweaks; performance analysis; and insights for the music and singing industry.

Initially we want to deeply thank the web development team of It-is for their remarkable contribution to our new website.

So stay close dear singers, performers and lovers of singing and become active members of the vibrant UV community!


  1. Love your teaching style and heart Thomas. Thank you.

  2. Congratulations my dear teacher!!!!

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