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Ultimate Vocalist presents its new Vocal Coach

Ultimate Vocalist presents its new Vocal Coach

Ultimate Vocalist with great pleasure and pride presents our new vocal coach and member of the UV team, George Margaritopoulos

George from now on will be a regular vocal coach of the UV vocal training system and he is keen to deliver his great knowledge on vocal theory and technique, performance, expression and many more singing areas to all the singers and performers who are enrolled in our supreme vocal lessons.

Few days ago, George presented on our official YouTube channel the first of a “Top 5 video series”, where he’ll be analysing some of the most important reasons that hold a lot of singers back and prevent them from reaching their goals when it comes to voice training, connecting with their audience and more.

On this specific video, watch George analysing the 5 reasons that prevent many singers from reaching their higher notes and their true vocal range potential:

Short Biography

George was born and raised in Larisa, Greece. An accomplished singer and musician, started taking music lessons at the age of 6 and as he states “I don’t remember a moment in my life without playing music”.

Growing up listening to rock and metal, he started playing the guitar ’till someday he was offered a position as a frontman “by accident” as he recalls.  Singing wasn’t always easy and simple for me,I tortured my voice for a long time and eventually paid the price,by developing vocal nodules”.

Moving to Thessaloniki, he started taking vocal lessons and studying the vocal instrument. As he says “technique as far as singing is concerned, was a very dark area for me. I used to think that the more you push the higher you can sing, so when I couldn’t go any higher I thought that was my human vocal limit.”

“I hate the impression that singing is something that you either have it or you don’t. I’ve gone all the way from vocal nodules and being shy of vocal surgery to getting my vocal health back and experiencing incredible breakthroughs, through correct practice that tons of vocally healthy people can only dream of. If I can do it, everyone can!”

Nowadays, after years of studying, experimenting and practicing he’s got a very wide vocal range and lots of different colours, and being an established performer who counts lots of full band and acoustic shows in different styles.

Having studied with some of the best vocal coaches in the world, he’s got a very technical and detailed insight on most subjects about the voice. Yet he believes, “Singing is all about expression. Even the most cutting-edge technique, is useless if it makes you think about it when you perform. Nothing should interfere with your performance when singing. The crowd,cannot understand technique,only emotions”.

He’s also appeared in Greek National Television as an X-Factor finalist as part of a vocal group. Since then he’s moved to London, England where he resides. Always trying to get his musical education one step further, he’s also studied audio engineering and music production. This further knowledge combined with his music theoretical insights and vocal technique, has allowed him to help singers refine their style and also write and record their own music.

His view on voice training is, “Get in, give it your best shot, master your craft and then get out of there as fast as you can! Technique should be there to help you “showcase” your voice, not the other way around.”

To contact George personally send your e-mail at gmargarito.uv@gmail.com

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  1. Nice to read all this information about George. Seems he has lots of knowledge about music. wanna meet you once as i love music.

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