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The Ultimate Vocalist (UV) singing method includes a supreme, distinguishing curriculum for every contemporary singer in the fields of pop, jazz, blues, rock, hard rock, metal, power, hardcore, screamo.

Below you can listen to a sample track where Thomas Koutroukis, lead coach of Ultimate Vocalist, is demonstrating a variety of vocal techniques and ranges.



According to each person’s goals the main structure of the vocal lessons includes:

  • Anatomy of Vocal Production and of the Entire Body Interaction
  • Breathing Exercises and Posture for Singers
  • Solid Support and Stamina
  • Superfast Vocal Warm-Up: Exercises, Tweaks and Triggers
  • Optimal Vocal Placement
  • Introduction to the Registers and the Mix Zone
  • Exploitation of the 1st Mix of the Voice
  • The Back Flow and Front Flow: The Vocal Paths
  • Singing Effects: Categories and Branches
  • Advanced Singing Effects: Distortion Variations, Screaming & Growling Techniques
  • High Mix and the Superhead Registers
  • Pro Vocal Drills and the Holistic Mix Theory
  • Optimal Performing, Interpretation and Stage Awareness
  • Vocal Stylistic Devices and Embellishments
  • Articulation and Pronunciation: Best Practices 

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All the content displayed and posted on site aims to help singers become ultimate vocalists indeed. However, since most of the techniques demonstrated are advanced and beyond advanced level, acknowledge the level of your current ability when trying each of these on your own voice. All content and images are copyrighted to their respective owners.